Addictions among Americans

Top 9 Addictions Among Americans

“Millions of people struggle with addiction every day.”

When most people think about addictions, they consider alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. However, an individual can get addicted to a number of substances and activities that most of the people don’t know. People just know the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. But these aren’t only the addictive substances. Anything to excess – from shopping to coffee to sex often leads to addiction. Here is the list of top most addictions and the number of Americans who can’t break free.

It is as addictive as heroin and far more deadly. It has been given its own category because of its widespread nature and the harm it can cause through smoking-related diseases. The use of tobacco is the leading unnecessary death cause in America. Every year more than 400,000 people die in America due to smoking-related diseases.

Nicotine addiction

2. Coffee
Coffee contains caffeine, is an insidious addiction to many Americans. The powerful stimulant works on the same part of the brain as nicotine, morphine, and cocaine. According to research, almost 30% of people in America down 6-7 cups of coffee in a day. Six to seven cups are enough to qualify as a coffee addiction. Skipping one cup of coffee can cause withdrawal signs such as depression, headache, nausea, fatigue, etc.


3. Sexual addiction
3% of women and 8% of men are probably affected by sex addiction. Sex becomes a habitual behavior rather than an expression of making love. The people who are sexually addicted have low self-esteem and generally cope with the issues like pornography addiction or one night stand.

sexual addiction

4. Gambling
The gambling industry has exploded in the culture of America. Many people gamble in hope of winning money. More than 80% of the people have gambled in the previous years. In this 1% of the people are pathological gamblers and another 2-3% of people have less yet still serious gambling addiction. A person becomes addicted – when continuing to gambling is resulting in several issues.

gambling addiction

5. Food addiction
Food addiction or uncontrollable eating is less recognized but is an extremely common eating disorder. A food addict can’t control himself during eating and use food to deal with many feelings including anxiety, sadness, or depression. Almost 2% of the people in the US have the eating disorder. Most of the adults suffering from the binge-eating disorder are obese, but eating disorder has also affected the normal weight people too. This disorder is slightly more in case of women than in men.

food addiction

6. Internet Addiction
The Internet is a resource for information, reading blogs and news, communicating with people across the world. But it can turn into an addiction when a person wants to stay online all the time. If a person feels upset or anxious when he is unable to be online, it may be a symptom of getting addicted to the internet.

Internet addiction

7. Shopping
For some people, shopping is also an addiction which often leads to too many problems in their life. They take help of shopping to deal with their emotional concerns. But compulsive shopping might result in financial issues as well as relationship issues with the partner. Studies reveal that 17 million Americans can’t resist the urge to shop, even at the expense of savings, jobs, marriage, and family.

shopping addiction

8. Anger
It is a least recognized addiction and is known as aggression addiction. The person dealing with the problems using anger is considered to be anger addicted. Its harmful adapting procedure and conceivably addictive nature win it a spot on the rundown.

Anger addiction

9. Marijuana
it’s complicated to say whether Marijuana is addictive or not. But it’s the most commonly used illegal drug in the US. Approx. 95 million people have tried marijuana once a time in their life over the age of 12.


The list of addictions is wide but these are the few common addictions which Americans are facing in their day to day life. The more the people will recognize the conditions and reason behind the addiction, the more the people will help their struggling family members and friends to recover from it. People struggling with any of the addiction can join Talk2Peers Support groups compete with their cravings.