From TalkingStickForum to Talk2Peers by Sherry 3D


As we contemplate to change our new start up’s name, we debate with many ideas, words, phrases, symbols, in a different language. We love Talking Stick forum, the tradition, the symbol, the image of the stick used in a respectful community. As we have introduced the name, we found that we have to explain the name; people are confused and think our service is only for the Native population. We have decided to change our name! We finally settled with talk to peers or Talk2Peers(same meaning just a little cooler using the number 2).

I started to search the meaning of the word “Peers” and this is what I found:
Peer (verb): look keenly at someone or something.

Peer (noun): a person of the same legal status, or equal to others in abilities, qualification, age, background, social status.
Synonyms: associate, compeer, like, match, companion, coequal, breed, crop, time, span, rank, step, eon, period, epoch, day, aeon, times, contemporaries, board, judges, tribunal.

As you see, the word Peers actually covers anyone and everyone with a broad definition of “Who are your peers?” Take me, as an example:
My peers can be Asian women, small business owners, yoga practitioners, news/politic junkies, people born prematurely, seniors, daily walkers, facebook non-users, OCD….I can go on with so many more reasons for me to find a peer group. Each one of us has a thousand data points combined to find a peer niche.
Talk2Peers is self-explanatory. Our platform is SaaS, providing a place so peers can provide other peers the support that we lack in our daily life. And my Peers can be just about anyone who wants to share about a specific issue to help each other to have a better life. In a broader definition of Peer to me, it can be anyone who is willing to listen, share stories, offer helpful tips to me. Talk2Peers is the platform where we can all open up to each other, real life so strangers can be peers at any time.

Please be my peer, and I will be honored to be your peer that listens and talks to you with an open mind.