Loose weight

Our Daily Struggle: Weight

I used to love hearing 50 is the new 30. Boy that made me felt so young! Technology is getting advanced and also helping us in every facet of life to make us feel and look young. Data shows that it will help us live longer and help us stay very active long into our old age. I dream about working until couple of hours before my death. I dream about reading the local newspaper with headline like: “Scandal, local business owner, 99 years old Sherry Dang was caught in bed with 30 years old boyfriend, 101 years old husband shot her dead out of jealousy.” Would that be the best way to leave this life- young, restless, sexy and silly?

I am someone who’s not afraid of death or dying, but very afraid of living a very long life. I am afraid of losing my mind, living a life with no memory of the past, no ambitions for future! So lately, I have been confronted with 2 very frightening old age realities:

  1. Losing my memory
  2. Gaining weight

We all know that getting old is not for sissies!

Oprah Winfrey magazine this month, showed a group of ladies who won the weight battle by changing their lifestyle. Weight is not a very discriminating disease. It creeps up to all of us, does not matter the race, gender, religion, income, education, marriage status, or title at work.

We can manage our daily food consumption; control our intake of any liquid other than water. We can go to the gym, work out daily, walk, run, cycle, and swim, lift weight and sweat out, endure pain in hope to stay in the same shape as we were younger. The health benefit is also a big factor to keep us motivated.

I just worry about some of us, I included,  taking the desire to stay thin too far, become obsessed, going down a wrong path. I have seen a skeleton lady that has nothing but skin and bone. I have known friends that use surgery to reach impossible weight goals. I have heard sad stories about people taking ton of pills with the hope that some will work. I have read the stories of people dying of anorexia, while family and loved ones trying desperately to get help.

We get only one body to reside in for our whole life. Eating too much or eating too little, both can have troublesome consequences. Hating our own bodies can seriously harm our spirits and damage our relationships.

What about embracing and being proud of who we are, what we have? Pear, apple, tall, short, skinny, fat, as long as we have a healthy lifestyle, stay active, never stop learning, be kind, be a productive human being; we have done our part to contribute to this remarkable life that we are so lucky to receive.