I matter, you matter let's talk

I matter, you matter. Let’s talk!

I am not a Facebook user, but from time to time my friends will show me the posts from other friends; pictures of happy and smiling faces at different functions, restaurants and destinations. These posts are full of great words like Hubby took me out for a Birthday dinner, enjoying a candlelight evening with my sweetheart, getting love from my Valentine…You know what I mean.

When I asked my friends if they ever see a post with a little different tone like just got laid off, worrying about paying my bills, I gained 30 lbs and so depressed about it, my kid just got a DUI, I just found a love text that my husband sent to his mistress…You know what I mean.  My friends looked at me in disbelief and said, “No, why would someone post such a thing.”

Well for me, when I am happy and content, I don’t feel the need to share anything with anyone. I am happy. Period! But when I am sad, in trouble or in need of help; that is when I would like to reach out and talk to someone to find a solution, or just simply to vent. How and where should I go to do that? And if I pour my heart out, would I be judged? Would I be ridiculed? Would my bare soul and naked heart be stored somewhere on the cloud for the world to see forever? Even when I don’t want to share anymore, would it be there like an old scar that keeps coming back bleeding?

Remember, I matter, you matter. Let’s talk!