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7 Tips to Stay Positive During Addiction Recovery

“Sobriety is a state of mind” Achieving sobriety and maintaining it requires hard work. Here are a few tips that can help you stay positive during your addiction recovery: 1. Regular physical exercise – Exercising is a great way for people to tackle negative moods and bad thoughts. Vigorous activity releases endorphins, which in turn 

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Growing Old at the DMV

I’ve always said that growing old is a major hurdle in anyone’s life. We are ALL getting older everyday, every minute, every second, but we don’t have to be OLD to be getting older! The majority of us, myself included, go on living life as usual; striving, hanging in there, achieving  incredible success (or not), 

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7 Mental And Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness

Today the world has become quite a busy place with no time for literally anything. You really need to be a great multi-tasker if you want to get something done. In the hurry to achieve something, you end up losing your connections and most importantly the focus on yourself! If you do not agree, step 

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