Best Mom – Vietnamese Tradition

Countless great mother/daughter stories already exist on the bookshelves, in blogs, movies, songs and pictures because we can relate to the love and connection, or disconnection, in them that is inherent in this special relationship. In Asian culture, girls are taught at a very early age to become a “best loving mother” in the future. 

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i disconnected my mother

I Disconnected My Mother

It hurts to live and re-live the moment. But if this can help you understand some mysteries of life then continue to read. I am only going to share the most deep moments of this vital and frozen time. As you know we connect and disconnect our machines on a daily basis. We connect with 

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humans integrity

Human’s integrity

It was an early autumn day. The sky was somewhat gray, the breeze was light but enough to bring chill air. Yellow and brown leaves filled the sidewalk. The late morning had all the symptom of an early sunset day. We arrived early. Walking in the main entrance of the church, my partner signed the 

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