Best Mom – Vietnamese Tradition

Countless great mother/daughter stories already exist on the bookshelves, in blogs, movies, songs and pictures because we can relate to the love and connection, or disconnection, in them that is inherent in this special relationship. In Asian culture, girls are taught at a very early age to become a “best loving mother” in the future. 

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Growing Old at the DMV

I’ve always said that growing old is a major hurdle in anyone’s life. We are ALL getting older everyday, every minute, every second, but we don’t have to be OLD to be getting older! The majority of us, myself included, go on living life as usual; striving, hanging in there, achieving  incredible success (or not), 

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How You Can Help Your Aging Parents to Manage Their Money

Do you remember your parents teaching you the importance of saving money? Now that you are a grown up and accountable for your own income, it is time to give back. Here are five proactive steps you can take to help your aging parents manage their finances: 1) Consolidate Accounts – If your parents have 

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Name Calling

We Have Labels For Special Objects. Here Are Some Examples: There are places like districts, historical sites, buildings, and structures that are deemed worthy of preservation and which have usually been around for a long time. We call them “Historic Places”. There are collectable items such as a old beautiful desk, an old flashy automobile, 

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Help your aging parents fight loneliness

How to Help your Aging Parents Fight Loneliness

Loneliness comes with old age and it happens to almost every aging parent out there. The increasing age along with factors like losing a spouse, eyesight or hearing disability can increase the chances of depression. With all these old age factors hindering the social engagement capabilities, it is difficult for the seniors to keep their 

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