Addictions among Americans

Top 9 Addictions Among Americans

“Millions of people struggle with addiction every day.” When most people think about addictions, they consider alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. However, an individual can get addicted to a number of substances and activities that most of the people don’t know. People just know the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. But these aren’t only 

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7 Tips to Stay Positive During Addiction Recovery

“Sobriety is a state of mind” Achieving sobriety and maintaining it requires hard work. Here are a few tips that can help you stay positive during your addiction recovery: 1. Regular physical exercise – Exercising is a great way for people to tackle negative moods and bad thoughts. Vigorous activity releases endorphins, which in turn 

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From TalkingStickForum to Talk2Peers by Sherry 3D

Talk2Peers, As we contemplate to change our new start up’s name, we debate with many ideas, words, phrases, symbols, in a different language. We love Talking Stick forum, the tradition, the symbol, the image of the stick used in a respectful community. As we have introduced the name, we found that we have to explain the name; people 

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6 Tips To Treat Insomnia

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “approx. 35% of U.S. adults are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night” Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders that is affecting about one-third of the adult population worldwide. It’s a sleeping disorder that makes it hard for people to fall 

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Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan Life is volatile. I often ponder how it can be so full of unexpected ups and downs. Some people are blessed with calm, stable waters and an easy sail on their journey from birth to death.  Some people are faced with never ending challenges, heartaches and worries. I belong to the second group. 

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