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7 Tips to Stay Positive During Addiction Recovery

“Sobriety is a state of mind”

Achieving sobriety and maintaining it requires hard work.

Here are a few tips that can help you stay positive during your addiction recovery:

1. Regular physical exercise – Exercising is a great way for people to tackle negative moods and bad thoughts. Vigorous activity releases endorphins, which in turn helps increase positivity. Combining exercise with meditation such as yoga can be highly beneficial to keep both mind and body healthy and positive. There are other exercises such as weight training, running, aerobics, swimming, and much more that can help to keep you motivated.

physical exercise

2. Eat healthy  – When you eat healthy you make sure that your body receives all the essential nutrients that are required to keep a body fit and heal the damage that addiction has done. The healthier you feel, the more positive your mood gets. A healthy body is imperative for a healthy mind.

eat healthy

3. Relationships – Keep in touch with your close friends and family. A handful of close friends and family members, who really care about you and love you, is enough to keep your spirits high during recovery.


4. Hobbies – Having a hobby is an excellent way to keep your mind occupied. You need to find a hobby that makes you feel happy. It can be anything from painting, listening or playing music, horse riding, reading books, or even starting a collection.


5. Optimism and gratitude – You should always try to be an optimist, no matter what life throws at you. Also, a bit of gratitude goes a long way. Having an optimistic attitude can immensely help you cope with the ups and downs of life’s struggles. A thought process like this can help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.


6. Spirituality – Believing in a higher power and practicing meditation can ease stress and make you feel better. Studies have shown that spiritual people are found to be among the happiest versus those who don’t have any spiritual background. Meditation is their link to mental well-being and happiness. So start believing in something greater than yourself and keep up the positive attitude!


7. Attend AA meetings – Attending AA meetings can help you stay positive on your path to recovery. The benefit of going to AA meetings is that you get to interact with, learn from, and engage with other people like you. AA meetings are an integral part of an addiction recovery program and are widely recommended.

AA meeting

Group therapy session

We hope these tips can help you keep your spirits high and feel positive about yourself and your recovery process. And don’t get that you can always talk to us because you matter to us.