Welcome to Talk2Peers!

Talk2Peers is an online platform for people to come together through group phone calls around a specific topic.

Each public or private group has it's own page where the host and members can connect with each other through their own:

Sharing Circle


Talking Circle

Phone calls, accessed through the computer or phone, focused around a specific topic.


We invite you to CREATE a group or JOIN a group around a topic of your interest ** or many groups. You can create as many groups as you like! ** nutrition, anxiety, depression, meditation, books, health, addiction, mental health, etc...the list is endless!

Talk2Peers aims to create an accessible meeting place that enables people to share, connect & solve problems together. Our vision is to help heal the world through deeper and more meaningful connections via our modern day technology.
You matter, let's talk!.


Talking Circle

Please use CHROME or FIREFOX. If using Safari you must download FLASH PLAYER.